An amalgamation of modern & contemporary fashion jewellery.

Alaśa offers diversity in design by giving quality and affordability an equal importance. We celebrate individuality & embrace the essence of every woman. Each jewellery piece is timeless yet quirky, exquisitely designed by our craftsmen.


Cosmos Collection

Astra Earrings
  • Our story

    "We believe that diversity in design, quality & affordability are all of equal importance. Design is all around us, in forms, in conversations, even in the moods of the sky"

  • Craftsmanship

    Alasa believes in maintaining a balance between design & craftsmanship. Our ethos is to create jewellery pieces with utmost perfection by using only the best of materials.

  • Design Philosophy

    Alasa's core principal is creating timeless designs. We believe in taking inspiration from everything around us by experimenting with the finest materials like Swarovski, Preciosa, semi-precious stones, pearls, leather and metals.

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